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Baby name John

Meaning:god has given

Description: John is the spelling used in the Authorised Version of the New Testament. The name is of great importance in early Christianity: it was borne by John the Baptist (the precursor of Christ himself, who baptized sinners in the River Jordan), by one of Christ’s disciples (John the Apostle, a fisherman, brother of James), and by the author of the fourth gospel (John the Evangelist, identified in Christian tradition with the apostle , but more probably a Greek-speaking Jewish Christian living over half a century later). The name was also borne by many saints and by twenty-three popes. It was also a royal name, being borne by eight Byzantine emperors and by kings of Hungary, Poland, Portugal, France, and elsewhere. Among numerous bearers of note in recent times have been American president John F. Kennedy and British pop singer John Lennon. In its various forms in different languages, it has been the most perennially popular of all Christian names.

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Statistics for John

From 1996 to 2015 the name 'John' was given to 18.577 Boys, representing 0,29% of the total 6.402.657 Boys registered since 1996.

Registrations by Year of name 'John'

This chart shows the registrations of name 'John' in England and Wales per year since 1996

It is possible to see that the registrations name 'John' varied from 576 to 1.649 per year.

Rank Popularity by Year of name 'John'

This chart shows the popularity of name 'John' in England and Wales per year since 1996

It is possible to see that name 'John' varied from rank 46 to 108.